Top 5 Plugins That WooCommerce Developers Use To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

A major issue in ecommerce is shopping cart abandonment. This occurs for a variety of reasons, including a confusing checkout process. There are five excellent WordPress plugins that can help WooCommerce developers retain shoppers through checkout to increase sales and maintain the merchant’s reputation.

Email Cart WooCommerce

Some purchases require the approval of more than one person. This plugin allows a shopper in the checkout process to share the cart with someone else through email. The second person can review all items in the cart and make adjustments as needed before completing checkout. An email feature is also handy when one person is doing the shopping and another is making the payment. An email plugin works well for promotions by preloading special items into the shopping cart, which can then be directly accessed through a link, allowing a person to quickly complete the purchase.

Loyalty Rewards for WooCommerce

One of the best ways to earn customer loyalty is through offering rewards. This plugin allows customers to earn points with every purchase that they can later redeem for special merchandise. Loyalty rewards are an excellent motivation for a customer to return to the merchant and shop again. An extra benefit of the plugin allows customers to earn points through writing reviews on products. Good reviews bring more visitors to the site who in turn write more reviews, which builds SEO and increases visibility on social networks.

Social Coupon for WordPress

This WooCommerce extension gives customers the opportunity to earn rewards by sharing the merchant site on social media. It works by allowing the merchant to utilize the built-in coupon engine to offer customers social sharing incentives. The plugin can be set to appear on product, checkout or cart pages where it will apply a discount when a customer shares the site. Customers are then motivated to go through with the purchase in order to get the discount. Another advantage to using this extension is the addition of many more followers on social media sites.

DVin WooCommerce Wishlist

This plugin works in a similar manner to the Amazon Wish List by allowing customers to save products they want but are not yet ready to buy. The lists act as a reminder and can be set for public or private viewing. It works by adding a “add to wishlist” link on each product page. When a customer decides to purchase a wishlist item, it can be conveniently added to the shopping cart with a single click, leading the customer to a smooth checkout process. In addition, a wish list provides an easy way for people to purchase gifts for others and have them shipped directly.

Checkout Field Editor

A complex checkout process is the top reason for lost conversions. Some customers may balk at filling out required fields with unnecessary information or may become confused with forms that are missing important fields. This extension for WooCommerce provides a useful utility for merchants to customize the checkout form by adjusting text, checkboxes, selections and date pickers. A checkout system with a good, logical flow is the best way to stop shopping cart abandonment and obtain an excellent conversion rate.

Ecommerce is very challenging and the market is always changing. WooCommerce developers who use these five plugins will help merchants build customer loyalty while providing a positive checkout experience and increasing sales, keeping them a step ahead of the competition.