Untitled-8Hello, thanks for visiting my site! My name is James Stembeck and I’ve been a chiropractor for 12 years now. My wife of 15 years, Melanie, and I live in Southern California and we just love it here. We have one child named Gloria who is 12 years old. She’s lived all of her life here and is a real California girl. Mel and I are kind of dreading those teen years, but she’s a really good girl with good family values, so we’re hoping for the best. I love spending a lot of quality time with Mel and Glo, especially going to the beach. They’re both learning to surf together and it’s really cute. I just watch from the shore. But, when I’m not doing that or working hard at my chiropractic practice, which is growing quickly, I develop websites. Web Design and Development has been my passion for awhile now and so I want to share a little bit about it with you today. Hope you like these tips and tricks! If you do have questions, just message me.